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OCEAN Villa Residential Construction and Interior Design | NOSARA, Costa Rica

Location: Nosara, Costa Rica
Scope: Interior Design, Construction Management
Size:  3300 sq. ft
Typology: 1 Story House Full Construction and Interior Design

Ocean Villa 

Celebrating the enchanting coastal charm of Nosara, Costa Rica, I embarked on the creation of a captivating ocean villa that harmonizes seamlessly with its breathtaking surroundings. With the rhythmic waves and golden sunsets as my muse, I envisioned a design that would blur the lines between nature and architecture.

Expansive glass walls invite the panoramic ocean views indoors, allowing residents to immerse themselves in the serenity of the Pacific. Sustainable elements, such as locally sourced reclaimed wood and energy-efficient systems, were thoughtfully incorporated, honoring the region's eco-conscious ethos.


The villa's layout was meticulously crafted to optimize natural ventilation and light, enhancing the sense of openness and connection to the coastal environment. Outdoor living spaces, including a private terrace and saltwater pool, offer tranquil retreats amidst the lush tropical landscape. This ocean villa stands as a testament to the fusion of modern luxury, sustainable design, and the unparalleled beauty of Nosara's coastal paradise.

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